The Founder

Salt + Sway emerged from Claudia Wilcher’s two main passions: traveling like an anti-tourist and dismantling the patriarchy. Gender inequality is just about the only thing that grinds her gears more than corporate chains, all inclusives, and cruises.


After working in women’s rights and earning a law degree, she co-founded an ocean-inspired clothing company. Eventually, the brand grew to be stocked in more than a dozen countries, and allowed her to become a digital nomad.

Life on the road reminded her that discovering legit, under the radar experiences requires both a discerning eye and adventurous spirit. It also takes extensive research and on the ground exploring, which doesn’t fit into most people’s schedules.

It was frustrating to see so many travelers waste time and money on lackluster, touristy experiences, many of which were harmful to the local community and environment.

Meanwhile, within striking distance lay those truly unique, next level places that bring a kind of euphoria only possible through travel. As a lifelong wanderluster, Claudia wanted to help people who crave finding those gems, but don’t have time to look for them.

Yet the idea for Salt + Sway didn’t fully take shape until the US elected a proud misogynist, who wasted no time in upholding his political party’s commitment to eroding women’s rights.

It then became fundamental to build women’s empowerment into Claudia’s vision for a tailor-made travel business. And with that, Salt + Sway was born a proud member of #TheResistance. Apparently, inspiration works in mysterious ways.