Why Work with US?

You might be able to book it all yourself, but here are 6 reasons to trust Salt + Sway with your travel plans.


We Deliver Anti-Tourist Experiences

Whether you’re looking to get right to the pulse of a city, or go completely off the grid, we know where to find genuine insights into the culture and landscape. That’s because we’re constantly on the road in search of undiscovered destinations, hidden gems, and independently-owned businesses brimming with local flavor.


You Want to Support Local Women in Business

We design every trip to prioritize support of women-owned businesses in your destination. From outstanding hotels and restaurants, to galleries featuring the work of female artisans, our fully-personalized trip planning guarantees both unforgettable experiences and meaningful local impact.


It’s All About You

Getting to know you is the most important part of our planning process. With a clear understanding of your travel style and priorities, we then apply our expert eye and extensive experience to tailor-make your vacation. So, instead of giving you the standard trip in a box, we give you a trip that ticks all your boxes.


You Get More Value For Money

We can safely say the whole trip will be more expensive if you book it on your own, and you're also guaranteed more value for money. It's not just about special perks like complimentary upgrades or chilled champagne waiting in the room. It's having peace of mind that you won't miss out on anything spectacular.


Your Time Matters

The volume of travel advice online is downright overwhelming, and deciding which strangers’ opinions to trust on where to sleep and eat, and everything in between, is stressful. Not only are we flush with insider knowledge and on the ground experience, we do all the time-consuming legwork for you. Plus, we handle any issues that arise during your trip, so you don’t lose time dealing with them.


You Want Freedom to Explore

Travel is about exploring and embracing a spirit of adventure, which is hard to do when you're locked into a rigid itinerary. It’s also a drag to go on an excursion when you’d prefer to lounge on the beach with cocktails or people-watch at an outdoor cafe. We design your trip to maximize flexibility, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities for wandering and lounging.