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Thracian Cliffs: 6th Hole


Seaside Chic

Golf was banned during the Communist era, but Bulgaria’s Thracian Cliffs is leading the game’s comeback in the region. Etched into limestone cliffs enveloping the Black Sea, it’s easily a contender for the most spectacular course in the world. Every single hole offers incredible sea and cliff views. Simply put, there’s no other course like it on the planet.

Two other very solid courses nearby make the Black Sea a worthy golf destination. Beyond the game, Bulgaria has loads to offer: golden sand beaches, extravagant mountains, and a wealth of history and culture. The Thracians left behind tombs, the Romans built beautiful cities, and the Tsars made their mark with fortresses. Today, modern Bulgarians are transforming cities and towns into hubs of art and atmospheric entertainment. Meanwhile, plenty of off the beaten path places remain yours to discover.


Sofia to the Black Sea

Fly into the capital of Sofia and ease your jet lag in this fun, hip city, rife with excellent dining and drinking options. Don’t miss the Zhenski Pazar Women’s Market, a huge affair featuring an astounding bounty of fresh produce, meats, nuts, and baked goods, as well as artisan crafts, flowers, and everything else in between.

If you can’t handle the anticipation (we get it!), head directly to the Black Sea by flying into Varna. The Thracian Cliffs Resort offers luxury dining and lodging, or you may prefer to soak up more culture by staying in a nearby seaside village.



tee off from the sea

You can tell a lot about a course based on its signature hole. If forced to choose one at Thracian Cliffs, it would be the 6th hole, where you tee off from the sea. Descend in your golf cart to the sandy shore, choose your club, and walk across a footpath with waves lapping all around.

The other contenders on this Gary Player-designed course don’t disappoint, either. We could bust out the thesaurus to try and convey the thrill of playing Thracian Cliffs, but no words can do this experience justice. Some things, you just have to experience for yourself.




nearby courses

To round out the trip, nearby BlackSeaRama (Gary Player) and Lighthouse (Ian Woosnam) offer excellent playing opportunities. Our advice is to warm up on those courses. There’s no point in trying to be cool about it: Thracian Cliffs is the star of this show.