We get you to your ideal travel destination and make sure you do it right once you're there. That means maximizing legitimate local experiences and supporting independent businesses, especially those that are women-owned.


First Date

Getting to know you is crucial to creating a trip you'll love. It’s not just the big issues like mountains or ocean that matter. We go all in on understanding your travel style from details like window or aisle on the plane, to table or bar at the restaurant.

Get Started by sharing some basic info, and then we'll set up a phone or video chat. Whether you already have a trip idea in mind, or only know you need to get away, find travel inspiration by Exploring some of our favorite destinations.


Second Date

You'll receive a customized trip proposal, which we'll continue to refine with your feedback. We’re here to handle all your travel-related needs, whether you stick with basics like plane tickets and lodging, or opt for special services like Pre-departure Personal Shopping, or a Customized Travel Workout Program. Check out our range of Complimentary Advice and Next Level Services.


All the Way

Once you approve the final proposal, we'll handle the rest. We book all elements of the trip, coordinate special services, and digitally deliver the final trip plan and destination guide. And during your trip, we’re available to resolve any issues that come up so you can go on enjoying yourself.