Need gear for your trek in Patagonia, or want fresh, chef-prepared meals delivered to your villa on the Adriatic Coast? Well beyond advising on destinations and arranging the logistics, we offer Next Level Services to make sure every aspect of your trip is handled.

Advice and Practical Information

Complimentary Services

Destination Overview

From basic information like currency and language, to historical and cultural insights, our trip guides make sure you’re prepared to dive right into your destination.

What to Pack

Packing can be stressful. We take out the guesswork and guide you on clothing choices that are both weather and destination appropriate, in addition to advice on other essential packing items.

Aircraft + Routing Advice

Some airports are more pleasant than others, new planes offer more amenities, and not all business class experiences are created equally. Yet, they all cost the same. We’ll make sure you get maximum comfort for your money.


Food + Drink

An essential part of travel is experiencing the cuisine. We make recommendations for dining and drinking that are locally-owned, focused on freshness, and filled with character.

Cultural Experiences

Included in our trip guides are suggestions for markets, festivals, nighttime entertainment, and other experiences that provide a richer understanding of the local culture.

Sustainable Travel

We are committed to experiences and providers that are environmentally conscious. Additionally, we provide easy tips on how to minimize your impact on the local environment.


Go Next Level

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Special Services

Pre-departure Shopping + STYLING

Sometimes, the clothes in your closet just don’t cut it for a trip. Whether you need new bathing suits for an island destination, outerwear for a hiking adventure, or just a basic travel wardrobe refresh, we advise on styling and do the shopping for you. We also shop for equipment and any other trip essentials.

Local Photographer

Head out with a local photographer to the coolest spots in your destination for guaranteed money shots. Yes, this service is a sign of the Instagram-centric times we live in. But at the end of the day, it’s preferable to asking strangers to take your photo, and then winding up disappointed to learn they didn’t go to photo school.


Private Chef, Prepared Meals, Grocery Stocking

Arrive to your vacation rental with the fridge, pantry, and most importantly, the liquor cabinet stocked. We can also arrange for a local chef to deliver meals or prepare dinners in-home.

Customized Travel Exercise Program

Some people like to stay on their workout grind even on vacation. We put together 20 minute travel workouts tailored to your body type. The bodyweight exercises require no equipment and can be done in the smallest of hotel rooms.

Pet Sitting

Let us handle any pet sitting arrangements needed while you’re away. We promise not to tell Fluffy where you went and how much fun you’re having without her.