Whether you’re traveling to Sri Lanka for the waves or Sonoma for the wine, you’ll find far fewer businesses owned by women than men. Yet when women break through the barriers and become successful entrepreneurs, they spread the wealth throughout their communities.


A Global Gap in Opportunity

Across the globe, women face additional hurdles on the path of entrepreneurship. They're more likely to be rejected for financing and loans, lack equal opportunity to education and resources, and frequently encounter negative social attitudes toward their capabilities.


Women Lift Up Communities

Yet, when women overcome these barriers and start businesses, they invest up to 90% of their income in family and community. By comparison, men invest 40%. (Yeah, we said it.) Children become healthier and more educated, and the economic status of the people around them improves.




When you choose to support women in business, the impact is widespread and multi-generational. We make it easy by seeking out awesome women-owned businesses in your travel destination.